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Third Mainland Bridge shut-down will be partial not full – Fashola

By on June 26, 2012

The Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola, made an important disclosure concerning the shutdown of the third mainland bridge yesterday. He said the closure of the bridge would be partial and not in full as previous information had suggested.

He also said the closure was to allow repair work to be carried out on the expansion joints.

The Federal Government contractor’s handling the road had advertised via signboards that the bridge would be closed from July 1st – November 6th.

According to Fashola, “Contrary to what has been reported, it is not a complete closure but a partial one. While the work is on, diversion will take place depending on the section of the road that will be worked upon at the particular point by the contractor. While we commend the initiative of the Federal Government to embark on the repair, there is no need for any fear because we have done it before and at the time we did it, we all went through it. And today, we are better than where we were then.”

The governor also stated that the time selected for the closure was deliberately selected in order to ensure it fell at the end of the school session when children were on vacation.

He said, ““The date was an agreement between the Federal and State governments that the period should be almost at the end of the school session and during children’s vacation period so that the congestion on the road will be minimal. However, much of the work will be done when the pupils are on vacation. The target is that before the end of the year when the traffic is much, the repair works would have been completed. It is actually in the interest of the people.”

The governor advised motorists to as much as possible use the alternative routes which he said were completed, although he did not disclose where the alternative routes are located.