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Femi Otedola vs. Farouk Lawan: Navigating through the Cabal’s Smoke Screen

By on June 12, 2012

With all the allegations and counter-allegations flying around concerning the Femi Otedola and Farouk Lawan bribery incident many Nigerians are confused as to who is actually the culprit in the latest development of the Fuel subsidy scandal.

In seeking to clarify what must have actually happened in the series of events as we have heard them, one will form the opinion that the Lawan bribe taking allegation is a high plot concocted by superior PDP forces in order to prevent their machinery of corruption from falling apart.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? The order of things is most important in order to see through the PDP smoke screen. Farouk Lawan first reported the bribe attempt several weeks ago, not only to the house leadership and newspapers, but also to the Inspector General of Police.

Now Hon. Lawan did not know he was video-taped when he collected the money from Otedola, so why did he then report the bribe to the House, media and police? It was because he never intended to take any bribe from Femi Otedola in order to influence the Subsidy report.

It was the House leadership that thought it best to not allow the bribe attempt be publicized, Lawan was all for publicizing it. That was why he granted Leadership newspapers an interview on April 28th and referred to the Otedola bribe in same interview. Almost two months ago.

Also what came first the bribe or the report? Farouk Lawan submitted the Subsidy report on April 18th, six days before Femi Otedola offered him the bribe of $ 500,000. Femi Otedola and the rest of the Cabal will have us believe that the bribe was given before the report was finalized and submitted. This is not true, and of what use is giving a bribe after the damage has already been done?

In an attempt to blow smokescreens in the face of an unsuspecting public, Femi Otedola claimed in his interview with ThisDay (PDP media) that Zenon is not even into the importation of petrol, and that Lawan’s bribery push was to implicate Zenon unless he was settled.

This charade begs the question: has Femi Otedola ever heard of African Petroleum (now Forte Oil)? Well Forte Oil is also owned by Femi Otedola and the subsidy report accuses Forte Oil of round tripping and petrol products diversion amongst other crimes. Femi Otedola’s African Petroleum received approximately $ 1 billion dollars in subsidy for importation of Petroleum products.

Zenon was also implicated in the subsidy report for collecting $ 233 million and not importing any petroleum products including diesel.

The scale of economic and financial crimes committed by a member of Mr. President’s economic management team, Mr. Femi Otedola goes to show how desparate the cabal is to cover up their actions.

Unfortunately with the low level of discernment and propensity for analytical thinking, it is quite apparent that the cabal is winning this war against the hearts and minds of the Nigerian people and their position on the subsidy probe.
The cabal in power control the media, courts and security agencies, so it seems Lawan’s biggest mistake was taking the money from Otedola in the first place.

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  1. Ayo

    June 13, 2012 at 4:27 am

    Nigeria we hail thee!!!!!