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American Pizza Chain – Domino’s to Debut in Nigeria, Open 500 Stores

By on June 5, 2012

American Pizza chain Domino’s has sold it’s Nigerian franchise rights to Eat n Go, a Nigerian company.

Eat n Go says it has ambitious plans to establish several Domino’s restaurants in the country over the next 3 years.

A senior official of Eat n Go, Jean Claude Meyer, said the company will make an initial investment of $ 5 million (N 800 million) and the funds will be utilized for real estate, staff training, 24 hour electricity, and equipment purchase.

He said, “We are investing about$5million (N775m) into the project because here in Nigeria, the real estate is very expensive. In Nigeria, an investor has to pay rent for several years and that is not the case in other countries.

“We have to train our staff and of course, electricity is a big factor where we needs a generator and another one as a backup, buy diesel and because we are dealing with food, it is very important for us to ensure that all necessary equipment that would make us have 24 hours electricity for our cold rooms must be put in place so that the food we are going to give to the people of Nigeria is very safe and will not be of any risk to their health.”

He said the company was exploring bringing other brands into the country.

He said, “The Eat N’ Go Company in Nigeria is the operator for Domino’s Pizza in the country and we are working on the other brands.  As a take off of the brand in the Nigeria market, we are kicking off with one store and by 2015 we are looking up to over 500 stores.

“The people of Nigeria, by our survey are so excited and impatient for our take off to come, and when we launched our facebook page, we had over 3, 500 fans calling for our immediate take off, even when the stores have not opened and we have not advertised

“The expectations of Nigerians are on the rise on daily basis, we believe that there is a great potential in our projections to capture the Nigeria market because it is peoples’ business as we are investing in the people, since we sent some of our employee to Dubai and USA to learn and execute their talents in the Nigeria market.”