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Boko Haram: Toll booths as a Strategic National Security Defense Tactic

By on May 15, 2012

Toll booths are not just tools the Tinubu Lagos Industrial Governmentima Complex (TLIGC) uses to shore up its capital base. They can also be information and communication technology tools our security apparatus may utilize to counter the threat of terrorism in the country.

Even at a time some wise men are calling for negotiations with Islamic fundamentalists, it would be even wiser to shore up our communal defenses against this terrorism threat.

It has been established that nowhere is safe and the terrorists can strike at the drop of a turban. In seeking to avoid further repetition of such events, all cards must be on deck. I am sure everyone would do well to be safety-conscious in a country where even the Head of the Police can be targeted,

Our schools and teachers, our airports and flight attendants, our media houses and journalists are all potential international news media headlines. Think of the urgency of the situation as similar to Dele Giwa. But on a much more complex level – everyone is a target.

The mode of attack is explosive but there are known technologies that can counter explosions before they occur. I am sure Angela Merkel will be kind enough to let Mr. President have some of this technology if he would simply ask. Please your Excellency ask four or sakes. After all Germany is very eager to trade with Nigeria. They would like to take more sweet crude and in return they can provide us with sophisticated bomb detection technology.
In fact I venture a guess that Nigeria has already taken delivery of such technology from Germany or some of the 2000 other countries we trade with that actually make stuff. Nigeria is one of a handful of countries that runs a democracy that doesn’t feel it necessary to divulge to the people how its money is being spent on security. Nigerian government is not accountable on many things. Fact is I am sure we purchased the bomb detectors already albeit at world record prices.

Fortunately we have the technology Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has graciously provided in the form of toll booths. Pairing these commercial road-building innovations with the latest automated bomb detection software may provide for a more secure Nigeria.

There are toll booths and security posts everywhere in this country. We should try and place bomb detection technology in as many of them as possible, especially the ones near critical infrastructure like airports, schools, Punch, Thisday, Sun, Nation, Saharareporters, Bayero University, shopping malls etc, etc, etc.

Our security chiefs will also do well to ensure that they co-ordinate with the Ministry of Power to ensure the technology is connected to the grid as we all know electricity shortages in Nigeria can defy even the most sophisticated gadgets.