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Senate Reduces Charges for FRSC License Plates, Drivers License, Postpones Implementation by 6 Months

By on May 11, 2012

The Senate Committee on Federal Character and Inter-Governmental Affairs has scored serious points with the Nigerian people as it has ordered the Federal Roads Safety Commission (FRSC) to reduce the cost to Nigerians of the new license plates and drivers’ license.

The Senator Dahiru Kuta led committee recommended the price of N 8,400 and N 4,000 for the license plate and drivers license respectively as against the FRSC proposed N 15,000 and N 6,000. The Senate charges represent a savings of 79% and 50% for Nigerians.

The Senate also asked that the implementation of the scheme be delayed by six months to give Nigerians adequate time to make the transition to the new regime.

Also the committee reviewed the charges payable by motorcyclists, popularly called Okada , for License plate and driver’s license to the old rate of N 1,500 and N 750 respectively.

The Committee’s report stated, “Much as people see the new number plate and driver’s license scheme by the FRSC as being laudable, overwhelming majority see the price as being prohibitive.

“The committee recommends that motorcycles plate number and driver’s license should revert to the old rate of N1500 and N750 respectively as the majority of motorcyclists are peasants.

“Similarly, the sum of N8400 is being recommended as the cost for standard vehicle motor plate number to the end users from N15000 and driver’s license from N6000 to N4000.

“That FRSC should call for replacement of driver’s license only at the point of renewal at the expiration to avoid double payment.

“The committee notes that the FRSC has given a time frame of September to August 2012 for motorists to renew their licenses and plate numbers. This is no more realistic in view of the hitherto exorbitant cost of procuring this plate and this senate’s legislative intervention. In view of the laudable nature of the scheme, its positive security details and the above recommended reduction, extension of this time frame by a period of six months is hereby recommended, that is from August 2012 to February 2013.

“That there are overlaps in the activities of the Police, VIO and FRSC. There will be need to harmonize and probably amend some of the extant laws or acts.

“The Senate should advise Joint Tax Board, JTB, to take all necessary steps to stop the activities of touts at the point of sale in order to remove unnecessary increase in price. The sales outlets should be a one stop shop with the actual price boldly displayed and that demand should not exceed supply.”


One Comment

  1. michael akinade

    May 16, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    Mr Senator, you are not up to date and  need to investigate what is going on in Licensing offices across Nigeria, we are paying more than N4,000 even before FRSC increase the fee.
    Licensing offices in Nigeria have become deen of legalised robbers, full of curruption hence EFCC/ICPC need to move in. That is where fake Motor Insurance policy is being sold every day.