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EU Calls on Federal Government to Backtrack on Planned Ban of Cement Imports

By on May 9, 2012

The head of the European Union delegation to Nigeria, Ambassador David McRae has called upon the Federal Government to reconsider its plans to ban the importation of cement to Nigeria.

The diplomat said the move could cause unnecessary hardship to Nigerians and would only serve the elite.

His words: “Government has to be careful about its plan to place a ban on cement. This is because, the moment it is banned, the consumer will have to pay whatever price they are given by the manufacturers.

“We all know that cement is an important ingredient in construction. Instead of ban, we suggest higher tariff on imported cement so that the government can generate revenue. Government should be interested in the welfare of Nigerians, not just some select few. Trade Policy should be directed toward creating jobs in the country”.

Government plans to ban cement later on this year in order to encourage local manufacturer’s of the product including Dangote and Lafarge.

The plan has the support of Nigerian Cement Manufacturers Association. Dangote Cement alone, has the capacity to supply the entire demand of the country, according to available statistics. Whether those statistics are reliable becomes another matter entirely.