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Politics And The State

By on May 7, 2012

The French Presidential Elections  turned  out to be an interesting one on May 6 as   Incumbent President Nicholas Sarkozy  suffered defeat to Socialist Party Candidate Francois Hollande after the second round becoming  the First incumbent French President in 30 years to lose an election.

But for many that knew President Sarkozy he was  a charismatic and dynamic leader who has been actively championing the activities of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), the European Union and the G-8 group of Industrial Nations.
He became the first leader in many years to take a proactive step in coordinating an EG-8 forum on the Global Internet that was to develop a pathway for the operations of one of the World’s most lucrative sectors.

In Domestic policy Sarkozy’s approach to the French Political Economy has been viewed as slow and  poor  compared to his drive on foreign policy and the advancement of French interests in International Trade  and Negotiations.

For the United States of America  ahead of the November Presidential Elections the stage is set and clear for  the big contest between Incumbent Presidential Elections between incumbent  President Barack Obama of the Democratic Party and the Leading Candidate of the Republican Party Governor Mitt Romney.

Just like President Sarkozy, Obama has in Foreign Policy advanced a lot of International strategic   Forums and actions like the Summits on Nuclear Regulation, Successful operations that led to the killing of America’s number one public enemy ‘Osama Bin Laden’, Promoted America’s interest in the   key trade discussions with China on monetary policy, Support of the Secession and declaration of the State of Southern Sudan,

Amazingly President Obama   has also on the domestic level shown a proactive approach to the American Political Economy  by initiating strategic moves that have seen a progressive economic recovery for an America he met in economic crisis.
Committees like the one on  Jobs and  Competitiveness Chaired by Jeffrey Immelt CEO of General Electric  Company have worked tirelessly to reposition America in the place of competitiveness, tackling unemployment, and increasing the drive on innovation in America.

Critics of the Obama Administration believe he spends too much on the State and Welfare taking into the cognicance  the ‘Obama Healthcare expenditure’ and the Congress approval of funds  for ‘Tackling unemployment’.
But today  Obama has shown one of the Strategic leaders in his time with the passage of the ‘American Jobs Act’ which will help to inspire and support emerging entrepreneurs in America who can utilize their potentials to unlock the Economy and restore the Nation back to the path of prosperity  and progress.

In the area of taxation President Obama took one  of the daring steps of leadership by  adopting the ‘Buffet Rule’ which  would increase taxes on people earning more than $1million and set a 30 percent minimum tax rate on people making more than $2million a year to ensure that they are not paying taxes at lower rates than middle-class families.

Though it has not been passed by the Congress and has come under stiff opposition, it showed clearly Obama’s concern and sensitivity of the American workers who over the years have been paying more taxes than the Rich Oligarch, imagine that Billionaire Warren Buffet’s secretary pays more tax than him.

When the BP spill occurred in Louisiana affecting and disrupting aquatic life and increasing environmental pollution and degradation in the area, President Obama after careful assessment and investigations ordered the Multinational to pay over $40billion damages.
In the area of Education President Obama   has shown commitment in ensuring that the Student loan offer is moderate and not high wooing them to have a conducive atmosphere to learn and be equipped with the requisite skills to compete with their contemporaries globally.

It would be surprising if President Barack Obama loses the November Elections because in terms of effort, commitment, and dedication to governance that can transform a Nation, he  has distinguished himself as a 21st Century Leader.

The Austerity wave and debt crisis in Europe is really giving the Leaders a run for their money   and when it becomes too unbearable for the citizens to cope with and there is no alternative palliative measure it might as well signal the end of tenure for such leaders.
Last week the Local   Elections in United Kingdom saw the incumbent Coalition Government of the Conservative party and the Liberal Democrats  of  Prime David Cameron and Nick Clegg lose to the Labour  party.

In Nigeria the Ruling People’s Democratic Party  (PDP) with incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan will need to observe the trend and changes in the Political Landscape of some of the Key Nations in the Globe, and speed up actions of tackling corruption, unemployment, proper utilization of  our natural resources,  and proper management of its external and internal  debt profile if it stands a chance  in 2015.

By Ottoabasi Abasiekong

[email protected]

Public and International Affairs Analyst