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FG Promotes 11,000 PHCN Casual Workers to Permanent Staff

By on May 2, 2012

The Minister of Power, Barth Nnaji, has disclosed the conversion of 11,000 casual workers in the Electricity sector to permanent staff.

In a Worker’s Day message to the employees, Nnaji said, “It is a manifestation of President Jonathan’s concern for the welfare, comfort and security of electricity workers that he offered last June a 50 per cent increase in the salary of the PHCN staff. He has now approved the conversion of some 11,000 so-called casual workers who are grossly underpaid to permanent staff with retroactive effect, and has set aside for the PHCN employees a certain percentage of shares of 17 out of the 18 PHCN successor companies slated for privatisation.”

The Minister also appealed to the Electricity Labour Unions to use the opportunity of the Workers Day to be introspective and find a peaceful resolution to the issues surrounding the privatization of the industry.


One Comment

  1. Aweazeezakinola1

    May 21, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    Hon, Minister of power Prof,Barth Nnaji we want you to used your power
    to correct some  mistake which they did about the regularization of
    CASUAL STAFF  in some Zones and Districts like Benin and Akure as a case
    study. In Akure out of 147 casual staffs in akure only 31 peoples are
    got they are own please sir ,we want you to used your good office to
    inter vain on this issue.we will look forward for better action thanks.