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CBN sells N149.65bn T-bills, yields mixed

By on February 27, 2012

The Central Bank of Nigeria has sold N149.65bn ($953.00m) worth of treasury bills with yields on the 182-day and 364-day papers lower than the previous auction, while the 91-day yields rose slightly.

A statement by the CBN on Friday said it sold N44.65bn of the 91-day Treasury bill at a 14.80 per cent rate, up marginally from the 14.70 per cent yield at the previous auction.

It sold N20bn worth of the 182-day bills at 15.50 per cent, lower than the 16.09 per cent previously, and N85bn in the 364-day instrument at a marginal rate of 15.55 per cent, compared with 16.89 per cent at the last auction.

Traders attributed the falling yields on the longer dated treasury bills to the surge in demand from offshore investors.The apex bank, at its third auction this year, sold N67.22bn in 264-day paper at 16.89 per cent, N50bn in 182-day at 16.09 per cent and N32.06bn of 91-day bills at 14.70 per cent.Total subscription level rose to N476.86bn, compared with N316.85bn at the last auction, underscoring the increased interest in the local debt instrument by both offshore investors and local banks.

The CBN issues treasury bills regularly as part of monetary control measures to help banks manage their liquidity.Currency dealers had said that the CBN’s aggressive mopping up of liquidity through the sales of treasury bills on the secondary market helped to drain liquidity in the system and aided the spike in rates.

With the CBN committed to containing inflation, analysts have said that it appears investors will continue to enjoy attractive returns from purchases of treasury bills.