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Firm Boosts Power Supply in Lagos, Ogun

By on February 14, 2012

As part of its mandate to strengthen the power transmission and distribution networks in the country, Niger Delta Power Holding Company Limited, (NDPHC), owners of the National Integrated Power Project (NIPP) has declared one 60MVA 132/33 KV Transmission transformer in Agbara industrial area of Ogun state completed.

The transformer has also been energised, while supply of power to numerous customers in the area has since commenced.

Also completed were, associated 33kv equipment with three outgoing 33kv feeders and one bus coupler, transformer, two outdoor secondary and outgoing feeders.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of NDPHC Mr. James Olotu who made this confirmation during his working visit to the transmission station stated that the project was delivered within schedule.

He said this development signal improved power supply to Lagos and Ogun states.

According to him, NIPP Transmission and Distribution projects within Lagos will continue to be delivered on monthly basis.

He noted that this practice started in December last year with the completion of one 60MVA transformer and its accessories in Oworoshoki as well as the 2x15MVA transformer each at Fowler and Alagbon sub-station in Ikoyi Lagos .

“ We have said that we will light up Lagos and this we started last year with the commissioning of a 60MVA transformer at Oworonshoki. Today, we are here in Agbara doing the same thing, and from now on we shall be completing projects on a continuous basis in Lagos and indeed other parts of the country” Olotu said.

He stated that in line with the transformation and power sector reform agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan administration, NIPP would deliver more projects this year and boost quality of power supply to Nigerians.

Agbara 132/33kv substation located in Ogun state originally had a transformer installed with a capacity of 2X45MVA, bringing the total to 90MVA.

With the execution of the sub- station extension works under the NIPP grid expansion projects, the station capacity has now been increased to 150MVA by the addition of a new 60MVA transformer.

This addition represents an increase over the initial substation transformer capacity by 67 per cent.

In a similar development, a 1no.60 MVA transformer under NIPP grid expansion project was commissioned in December 2011 at Oworonshoki Transmission sub-station in Lagos state.

Also, plans have reached an advanced stage by the contractor to deliver another 60MVA transformer and associated equipment at the same location (Oworonshoki) with another 2x60MVA at Ojo Sub-station both in Lagos before the end of February 2012.