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61% of Nigerians are Living in Poverty – National Bureau of Statistics

By on February 13, 2012

According to a report released today by the National Bureau of Statistics, 61% of Nigerians are living in poverty. The report entitled “Nigeria Poverty Profile Report 2010” was crafted from a Harmonised Nigeria Living Standard Survey (HNLSS) and supported by the World Bank, Department for International Development (DFID) UK, and World Bank.

The scope of the survey included fertility behavior, education, skills/training, employment and time use, housing and housing conditions, social capital, agriculture,household income and consumption and expenditure.

The survey focused on four different approaches to measure poverty. These included:

  1. Relative Poverty Measurement: by comparing living standards between the rich and poor. Also the rich category was sub-divided into rich and fairly rich.
  2. Absolute Poverty Measurement Approach: Here, Poverty is defined in terms of the minimal requirements necessary to afford minimal standards of food
  3. Dollar per Day Measurement Approach: based on those living on a dollar per day
  4. Subjective Poverty Measurement Approach: based on self assessment and “sentiments” from respondents.

According to the survey, over 112 million Nigerians are living in poverty.

The survey can be viewed here.