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Unique content, key to a successful website

By on February 7, 2012

I am mortified to admit that ‘widespread mediocrity is forging to a trend online’. Even as most indigenous websites persistently appear like an online version of a ‘business-card’, it is still not enough fact to affirm this scenario is deliberate, so much reasons could have influenced the circumstance e.g. taut budget, ignorance, lack of competent developers, inadequate research etc.

Seemingly so, no excuse whatsoever should be justified for a poor content website, not with the progressive popularity of the internet with more than 2.1 billion users as estimated 2011 (Ref. Internet World Stat, 31st March, 2011), and the Google software discovering 1 trillion unique URLs, the need to have a unique website with captivating content can never be over emphasized. As this innovation presents huge opportunities, its fast growing awareness has not seized to generate fierce competition varying across different disciplines.

Therefore, it is certain that a distinctive web presence for any business would provide a leverage to efficiently reach out more to their customers, cut cost on routine advertising, establish their brand and tap into other numerous opportunities.

With these advantages occurring freely, I am still stunned to why business owners have refused to have a meaningful presence amidst these enormous conveniences. A Unique website is a responsive website with original and desirable content, it informs, it is very user friendly, it engages and interacts, while also guarantying a meaningful answer to every customer’s enquiry, providing a browsing experience that supersedes their expectations all the time. There are no alternate pre-requisites, it’s either unique or not.

What does your website represent? What is its core objective? Does it generate traffic? How well does it communicate with your customers? How easy is it for visitors to access information? You should book a session with a professional web content developer to do a thorough assessment of your present website and probably do a content upgrade (they aren’t too expensive). As every website possesses these capabilities and can only be accomplished by a professional.

I am offering a free web content upgrade and development till the 15th of February, 2012. If you feel any need to establish a significant
presence online, contact me at: [email protected]

  • Saliusadiq

    You are absolutely right about taking full advantage of the internet to reach customers and having new opportunities in other businesses.
    Not only in Nigeria but across board. Most business owners are really not well informed about and in retrospect neglect some relevant aspect of this technology. Also looking at the content, some websites are recycle almost same materials.There should be a serious awareness to build confidence to business owners.

  • Godwin102

    I find your short article attractive and also fascinating the way you have put it in very simple and unambiguous language devoid of the usual technical jargon.

    However, considering that this article came out on the 7th instant, would it not be a good idea if you make an offer of a fortnight to interested parties and people like me can take advantage.

    I will like to encourage you to keep up the good works.


    Engr. (Dr) Bakare.

    • Olatundeolayemi

      @Engr. (Dr.) Bakare, Thanks your commendation, please let me know what your requirements are, send me an email at: [email protected], so we can proceed with the communication from there. I am willing to assist.


      • Kelvin

        this good info

    • Olatundeolayemi
  • Chuma Uche-Okeke

    I think you really got to the heart of the matter in this article. You do however have your work cut out in terms of convincing the decision makers in the majority of Nigerian organisations to embrace the digital world since they are of the technophobic old school. 

  • OBA C.I

    it is abundantly clear that businesses under-mine the opportunities inherent in web-presence in that light i’ll like to walk-my talk and book a session with you (you said its not too expensive right?). I also concurr with Godwin102. extend the time so more people can benefit. welldone!

    OBA C.I

  • Ehidiamen

    Great Article.

  • Omololaabolare

    Well said Olatunde.

    Keep up the good work of informing us the things that are right in front of us but our negligence/busy schedules makes us ignore.

    Best wishes.

    Lola Abolare

  • Luseunbravuara

    Good one bro…

  • Donblazing

    Thank you all for your commendation.


  • Otunba ‘Dele Ajayi-Smith


    This was a brilliant writeup and attractive offer to all and sundry.  I’m sorry for appraising this too late. You’re indeed part of great solution. Best wishes!

  • Ogunsfatai

    Good write up, u have just contributed to ICT knowledge, thanks.