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Ayetoro Shoreline protection project is on course-Contractor

By on February 7, 2012

The Construction Company handling Ayetoro shoreline protection in the Ilaje riverine area of Ondo State, Dredging Atlantics Limited[DAL] today reacted to newspapers reports on the alleged poor handling of NDDC projects in the State.

The Ugbo Kingdom Council of Chiefs’ Committee on NDDC last weekend at a news conference in Igbokoda,Headquarters of Ilaje Local Government Area decried the alleged abandonment of Projects in the catchment areas of the state since its creation in 2002.

But, the Site  manager of the Company, Edet Robinson  said unlike Moreno that handles Ugbo-Oghoye road, the Ayetoro shore line protection project is on-going.

He noted that the major constraint the company  faced before now was  non- availability of sand.

However, he said  the company has recently started sand filling of the area and by the time appreciable cubic metric tons of sand are pumped,the laying of Geo-tube
will commence.

According to him,.all the Geo-tube materials are already on site and the NDDC Commissioner representing the State, Dele Omogbemi is working around the clock to ensuring the  speedy completion of the project

.He maintained that anybody or group visiting Ayetoro Community presently would know that work is steadfastly going on in the area.

Robinson however urged the Traditional Council to  bear with the company,stressing that DAL intends to complete the project in earnest having handled and completed several land reclamation projects in other parts of the Niger Delta region.

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