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Lagos State Commences New License Plate Issuance

By on February 1, 2012

The Lagos State government will begin replacing old license plates with the new license plates on Thursday.

The Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA) has said that it has cleared its backlog of requests for the new license plates from unregistered vehicle owners which got first priority. Now it can embark on provision of the new plates to the general public.

Vehicle owners are supposed to make the switch by August 31st, 2012.

License plate replacements can be made at any of the 46 licensing offices across Lagos.

Also motorists in Lagos may log onto Courteville’s website to download the form for free, however as at press time, the website link for the form was not working.

The form required to apply is called the MVA01. Other required documents for obtaining the new license plate are vehicle licenses, passport photographs, valid Identity card, and proof of ownership.

The replacement cost for the license plate is N 10,000.

  • Bernard Vuga

    Can the Government justify the reason behind the new license plates or just another opportunity to exploit the masses…in few weeks time, we will have another deadline on the new drivers’ licenses…then what next…maybe another increase of PMS. They should provide us good transport system if they want us to park our cars at home…maybe, we need to start paying for our driveways…Naija Government…e get as e be…vehicle registration sef dey…what else oooooo?