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Oil Minister Alison-Madueke Issued the January 1st Fuel Subsidy Kill Order

By on January 14, 2012

As the first two weeks of a very charged up year have elapsed, Nigerians are still angry over the government’s abrupt and insensitive decision to remove fuel subsidy.

Recent revelations will see Nigerians focusing their anger on an individual in the Presidency’s cabinet. Many Nigerians had vented their anger on all the members of the President’s economic team and indeed his cabinet, especially those individuals that were very outspoken in defending the decision.

Yet, according to a report from Punch News, Diezani Allison Madueke was infact the personality responsible for throwing Nigerians into the last two weeks of chaos.

According to the Punch, its investigations revealed that even the Minister for Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, was kept in the dark on the removal of the fuel subsidy on January 1st until after the fact. The Punch quotes sources in the Presidency as stating virtually all of the President’s cabinet was kept in the dark on the decision and are very upset that one minister unilaterally took a decision that portrayed the whole body in a negative light.

The Punch quotes its source said, “It was the Minister of Petroleum Resources that instructed the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency to announce the total removal of the subsidy on Jan 1, 2012.”

The mere fact that the announcement came from PPPRA should be an indicator as to the integrity of the source in saying the decision came from the Oil minister. However many Nigerians have focused their anger on an entire government, and some would argue that this was rightfully so.

The source also revealed to Punch News that the Oil Minister, Madueke, was in gross violation of an unwritten agreement that members of the Executive would leave all matters relating to subsidy removal in the hands of the Finance Minister.


  • oforka obiora

    madam allison abeg try to seperate personal beef from job and try to seperate urself from shell politics

    • levy

      Stupid article! Afolabi Ogunde, you are, to say the least very idiotic! Please answer these elementary questions. Who is the head of this government? Who assigned potfolios to these cabinet members? And, how can an economic policy of this magnitude be taken without the President’s approval? Your interest directly or indirectly must have been impacted by this policy to warrant your write-up. What is certain though is that the entrenched interests in the oil sector do not like this woman, because, she knows how they have undermined this sector and the economy for so long. Remember, she worked with a multinational oil company in Nigeria before her appointment. Afolabi Ogunde, please stop your nonsense. We can see through your motive. Enemy of progress. Disappear.