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Labour, FG to reach Consensus on Saturday, Work may Begin Monday

By on January 13, 2012

Indicators point to Labour and government reaching a consensus on their next scheduled meeting for the fuel subsidy regime on Saturday, leading to a lifting of the strike and workers beginning work on Monday.

Speaking to journalists after the labour meeting yesterday, Labour leader, Abdulwaheed Omar told journalists that both negotiating parties were “trying to shift grounds”.

The government laid the following options on the table to Labour concerning retention of N 65 pump price, a) remove subsidy completely by April or b) sell at N 120 by March.

Labour stated it did not have the mandate to accept anything above N 65 from the people, and it appears government shifted their second option to N 90 by March. However a consensus was not reached at this meeting and another was scheduled for Saturday.

All indicators point to both sides reaching a conclusive agreement on Saturday, however what is not certain is if Labour will effectively carry the mandate of the people-that is nothing above N 65.

Senate President, David Mark stated, “The meeting was very fruitful. Everybody shifted grounds to the level that we will take a decision that will be in the best interest of Nigerians. That will be any moment from now.”

Civil rights activist, Tunde Bakare said via social media that should Labour accept anything beyond the people’s mandate, then the protests would continue.

Whilst the primary issue revolving around the protests has been fuel subsidy removal, other issues have crept up. Corruption and bad governance have also become as big as the issue of fuel subsidy and if government does not revert to the N 65, it will not be seen as worthy of trust by the Nigerian people which could lead to more issues down the road.