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Senate calls on Presidency to Temporarily Reinstate Fuel Subsidy

By on January 11, 2012

Senators have unified with the Representatives in calling for President Jonathan and the executive to temporarily reverse the pump price of petrol back to N 65. During a closed door session yesterday, quite unlike the transparent session held by the Reps, members of the upper chambers have directed Senate leaders to convey the request to the President today.

The request is not for a permanent reversal of the subsidy, but for a temporary one, until the Presidency is able to put in place the palliative measures that have been promised to Nigeria. No details have been shed on whether this includes refurbishing the old refineries and constructing new refineries.

The senators are also in agreement that considering the incessant insecurity of the Nation, the removal of subsidy came at a rather unfortunate time, furthermore the 2012 fiscal year is no considered to be in effect until April 1st, 2012 and that is when subsidy was expected to be removed.

Members of the House of Representatives, irked by Reuben Abati, Presidential spokesperson’s comment that the lower chambers are responsible for inciting the people, have vowed to amend the 2012 budget in order to make provision for the controversial fuel subsidy.

In the meantime, Labour has refused to dialogue with government, even as government continues to embark on a spending spree, taking out adverts in local and foreign newspapers, magazines, television and radio in order to market the subsidy removal policy to Nigerians.

In a recent poll conducted by BusinessNews, 82% of Nigerians voted against the President’s removal of the fuel subsidy.

  • Smogemman

    I support †ђξ subsidy removal, maybe †ђξ timing wάš wrong.

  • Saleefans

    It’s bn said dat haste is waste. He should have let people understand the reason of removing d oil subsidy b4 takn action. Hectic day 2day bt we 9jeria blv that God is in control. May Allah guide us