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Companies, Innovation, Strong Management and Profits In The Markets

By on January 10, 2012

There are a lot of Companies listed in the stock markets doing Global business, offering products and services, manufacturing, servicing, drilling, etc but there are few Companies these days that are sustaining a great profit turnover in business, and if they are it is because of their drive for innovation and value for strong management that has positioned them to be leading profitable businesses in the markets today.

Every shareholder’s dream is to be part of an investment or business that is yielding profits and reaping turnovers quarterly and annually, and no shareholder dreams to be part of any business that is slow, retarded,  and retrogressing in the markets.
This informs the need to understand the operational patterns of Companies who despite challenges and storms in the markets and business today are still able to reap amazing turnover profits that position them as leading players in the Global business market.
Apple and  General Electric Corporations are two Companies that represent today’s description of businesses that have a drive for innovation and creativity coupled with a strategic management that takes the best practises and mode of operations seriously, recording unusual profits and turnover in the markets.

For about a decade now Fortune, Time Magazine, Economist, Forbes, Bloomberg Financial, Harvard Business Review, CNN business and BBC business  Globally recognized Media Stations and Corporations have continually given great insight to the impeccable brands that have influenced consumer behaviour and  have become reference points for best organization practices, operations, quality and productivity.

For General Electric Corp-oration it has been an interesting story of  the value- driven leadership legacy of former CEO Mr Jack Welch passed down to the current leadership drive of Mr Jeffrey Immelt who is also the Chairman of the President Obama inaugurated committee on American Jobs and Competitiveness, creating a conducive atmosphere and climate for the restoration and revival of the American Economy.

The Drive for Innovation, and an Employee Driven Human Resource practice redefined the General Electric Company impact and influence on the Markets, as the Innovative Value of the Leadership of this Great Organization gave room to amazing creativity, as employees were encouraged to think outside the box to bring new solutions to the business.

So  Far the General Electric Company has been consistently rated as  a top brand and leading business corporation in the globe , powering and connecting more opportunities in the competitive market and has  also acquired more prospective business solutions that will increase its profitability and effectiveness .

Rated as Number 10 in the 2011 Global Leading Brand and Company, General Electric is valued at $50.3bn and has enjoyed progressive and consistent profit soaring for a decade now, with unusual turnovers that has given other companies a lot to think about in terms of the operational strategy of the General Electric Corporation.

As a Company General Electric Corporation has  one of the best Leadership, Innovation and Growth programmes and scheme for Leaders and Employees in the organization, certified and acknowledged across the globe. This has been possible GE has committed itself to   ensuring that the drive for transformation, creativity, quality service delivery, and proving cutting edge services is developed progressively and sustained.

General Electric Company known for their Leverage in the manufacturing of Jet Engines and electric turbines, have in Quarter 1 for the year 2011 posted an amazing  80% surge in profits blowing past Wall Street forecasts and joining a wave of better than expected U.S  Manufacturers, with its revenue rising 6% to $38.45billion.

Another Company and Brand that has distinguished itself  for Leadership in Strong Management and Innovation is Apple Corporation ,known for manufacturing Handheld devices, such as Laptops,  Ipods, Ipads, and  Iphones , with a progressive drive for adapting and modifying its products to  suit the market trends and transformations.

With the resignation of  Dynamic and Strategic Leader  in the Name in August,2011 Mr Steve Jobs and the entry of Mr Tim Cook as the new CEO , Apple Corporation has enjoyed over the years a Strong Management that encourages, values and drives innovation that has revolutionized the markets and influenced consumer behavior with torpedo profit levels in the Market.

Just like General Electric, Apple has been consistent in upgrading  and modifying by innovation tablet form and handheld electronic  devices that has wooed millions of youth across the World, and has also created an increasing social media convergence for a new generation that is so advanced in technology awareness.

Apple has already by its innovative class and finesse given other technology drivers  like Microsoft, Samsung, Dell, and Sony a run for their money as they have recently become pacesetters and architects of the new breed of technology that has been successfully versions of its innovations to suit the age we live in, like someone would say “They are thinking ahead of our generation’.
It is currently rated as the Number one leading Global brand and business entity by the Brand rating Agency   Millard Brown, successfully the Google Group that has had a four year Reign as the Best and leading Global brand. According to Mr Peter Walshe Director  at the Millard Brown Agency “Apple’s meticulous attention to detail, along with an increasing presence in the corporate environments, have allowed it to behave differently from other consumer-electronics makers”.

In terms of the Profit margin, Apple Corporation which is currently worth $153bn and  currently  listed as one of the most marketable and valuable companies on planet earth  in the Q1(First Quarter) recorded a turnover sales of 80% in the tablet markets, selling 4.69million Ipads  and also experiencing a raise of 3%  in its share value after selling 18.65million units of the category  IPhone version.
The future definitely belongs to companies that are willing to show consistency in Strong Management  and Leadership that embraces Innovation that brings newer and simpler versions of Products that appeal and serve unique purposes to the consumers, especially in an amazing and incredible form.

Apart from these, value for employee engagement and empowerment is very crucial and vital for the sustainability of a corporation in a very competitive  business environment and from the analysis General Electric and Apple Corporations are two Companies that have displayed a great Drive for Innovation and Strong Management practices that has distinguished them from the others.
Businesses across the world must learn a lot from General Electric  and Apple Corporations that for any company to experience marketability and profitability in a highly saturated Global economy, it must embrace Strong Management and Leadership alongside the relentless drive for Innovation.

Any company that focuses on profits alone  will have a lot of issues in the market, but when strong leadership and  Innovation drive is given high value then profits will come, that has been the story of General Electric and Apple Corporation and I believe that can be the experience of any business in the World.

Editor’s note: This guest post is written by Ottoabasi Abasiekong, a Public and International Affairs Analyst based in Lagos. Email him directly at [email protected]