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Fuel Subsidy Removal: Some Marketers Already Selling Petrol At N 150

By on January 1, 2012

Thousands of Lagosians rushed to filling stations after information that the Federal Government had removed fuel subsidy trickled through media channels.

Whilst some of them were lucky enough to find filling stations still open and selling at the reasonable price of N 65, although many such filling stations had a lengthy queue of cars lined up, however many were unfortunate as filling stations closed their gates and outrightly refused to sell the fuel in their tanks to motorists.

The fuel attendants closed their gates to customers, at AP filling station, in Unilag stating that they were unable to continue selling fuel as their manager, identified as Yemi, had called them and instructed them to cease selling due to “government increase in price.”

Another AP filling station located near Surelere also stopped selling fuel, locked their gates and would not allow motorists in, although a man in military uniform operating an Okada was allowed to enter the premises and purchase fuel.

Also reports via social media state that some marketers in Ojo Local Government of Lagos have already began selling at N 150.

It appears marketers have embraced Jungle justice and are conspiring to turn the heat up on the masses, or how else can they explain their refusal to discharge petrol or outright price increase on petrol products that are already in their storage and thus have already enjoyed subsidy.

Some fuel marketers are engaging in sharp practices, and operating with impunity due to the Federal Government’s surprise removal of the subsidy on the product, taking everybody unawares.

Many okada drivers, motorists and pedestrians with jerry cans to purchase fuel for generating sets left the filling stations quiet and disheartened.