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Tokunbo Vehicles, Petrol and Rice top list of December Imports

By on December 29, 2011

Used and new vehicles as well as Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) topped imports into the country for the month of December against the envisaged increase in the importation of rice at this time of the year.

Statistical data emanating from the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) showed that over 3,725 vehicles have either arrived the ports or are being expected through the Lagos Pilotage District.

The shipping position document indicated that there is an increase in the importation of vehicles in to the country.

Out of this number of imported vehicles, bout 1,000 of them are new while remining 2,725 are used vehicles otherwise known as ‘’Tokunbo’

The figures also showed that Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) came behind vehicles with a total voulme of 296, 533 metric tonnes of petrol in to the country.

Although , rice took a third place in the import list with over 233 metric tonnes , it was expected that rice would have taken the lead at this time of the year which are discharged at the ENL terminal which is known for the discharge and handling of bulk cargoes.

For containerized cargoes and Aviation fuel, a total of 199,230 volumes and 188,000 metric tonnes were brought into the country for the month of December .

While bulk cement recorded a total of 123,989 metric tonnes bulk wheat recorded 97,500 metric tonnes and 67,795 metric tonnes of DPK (Kerosine) for the month of December.

For Automated Gas Oil (AGO) only 67,781metric tonnes is being expected this month as against 23,000 metric tonnes of bulk salt, 43,000 metric tonnes of bulk sugar , 4,715 metric tonnes of base oil and 3,000 metric tonnes of Soda ash.