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Unrestricted Internet Journalism

By on December 12, 2011

With billions of conversation going on the internet, journalism found its voice again. As a result the Internet has become standard publishing channel with the perilous challenge of integrity, monetization and sustainability. But internet journalism has also grown and that have come with freedom and the battle for balance in reportage.

I have continued to appreciate the internet infrastructure but also worried about our eternal battle for balance in the pursuit of truth and a better society.   While internet journalism is celebrated, it is even more challenged by tendency of abuse and recklessness. This was brought to the fore by the governor of Oyo State.

Recently, Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State was expressing his concern about internet journalism. He said it is being used as an instrument of attack and destabilization by some practitioners. He called for proper investigation before publishing stories, professionalism and the need to be dispassionate.

But like everything novel, our understanding of the impact of rapid development in digital and information technology is scarce to say the least. But regulating this new publishing channel will task our knowledge base; draw from wisdom garnered from other innovations that have come as a factor of evolution in the journalism ecosystem. But like what Paul Schwartz said in his reverend book, ‘The Art Of The Long View’ said,’ to operate in an uncertain world, people need to be able to re-perceive, to question their assumptions about the way the world works so they could see the world clearly’. Internet journalism is such an uncertain world but that shouldn’t distort journalism three tenets: fairness, balance and objectivity.

In all, I anticipate a future of improved and robust journalism. We expect technology development to grow exponentially with liberalism and better tools to augment regulation. More so, the question of what will be of value in the nearest future still remains in the place of conjecture. The dimensions of social values will certainly influence this noble profession. I believe we must get the best from internet journalism. It is has started with billions of conversations going on the web and concerns raised, nothing could be greater than this. Let this discussions continue, we can better the profession and the society at large by it.