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Life Expectancy, Lagos State Leading The Way

By on December 2, 2011

We suffer a low life expectancy rate. Chances are that a billion things are just in place to stop citizens from reaching the biblical 70 years. Now people just die in their golden age.  Our history of child mortality has led parents to produce sufficient children as a bargain against the onslaught of death. They assume that the more children they have the more some would survive the forces of death that litter the land. It all led to increase population but life expectancy remains very low. It seems citizens must stop at age below 50.

But that might be over as Lagos State is leading the way. It has pegged life expectancy rate for Lagosians at 70 years with a blueprint to bring it to fruition. It is as a result of this it began the pilot phase of the Strategic Management Framework Implementation centering on education, health, infrastructure among other sectors.

I think other states can take a cue from Lagos State sense of focus and begin to advance the transformation agenda. It is not difficult for them to arise up to the occasion by creating strategies, fixing their capacity requirement and evolve tools to guide the execution and so ensure continuous advancement.

It is hard not to worry about the low life expectancy ratio in the land. I would suggest that states government pull their resources together to address this issue now. It is because I think holistically we can do it better.