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TFC Wins West Africa Tourism And Hospitality Awards

By on November 27, 2011

Tastee Fried Chicken (TFC) wins the 2011 West Africa Tourism and Hospitality Awards (WATHA) Platinum Award held in Ghana.

TFC, a Nigerian owned eatery that has for years served the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) sector of the nation received a platinum award for the 2011 edition.

According to the president of WATHA, Mr. Adedayo Adesugba, the awards aimed at recognizing and encouraging excellence in the West Africa tourism and hospitality industry.

WATHA Awards annually is one of the exercises that is established to promote real superior services in the region; encourages higher standards and applaud exceptional effort made by industry members and stimulates a fairly competitive spirit so as to galvanize industry members to reach higher levels of brilliance within the West African region.

Nominees are selected by people from all over the world, votes are also submitted by critics and clients from all over the world making the selection process very visible.

This year in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), 10 nominees were put forward and TFC emerged the platinum winner and pride of Nigeria.



  • Njamila

    3 day ago from this post,TFC [email protected] Nigeria just sold a spoilt salad to me,I think there should be a survey before president of WATHA, Mr. Adedayo Adesugba will give his useless award.