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Lagos Island Waters Pollution

By on November 25, 2011

I have watched with awe as the waters surround the island become drenched in toxic substance thereby raising the fear of a possible epidemic.  In recent times, we have seen a spiral growth in Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) which constitute majority of the toxic waste around the Lagos island waters. Furthermore, the increasing dumping of waste in the lagoon can frustrate surrounding water life and jeopardize human life.

This POPs  activities have resulted in the lagoon’s loss of productivity, habitats and biodiversity. With all sort of metal substances finding their ways into the lagoon the delicate balance of aquatic ecosystem has been upset.

POPs in the environment contaminate foods which when consumed lead to accumulated fatty tissues in places like the human breast. If they continue at this rate, experts have it that they are capable of significant dire impacts on human lives and the surrounding.

Sources of POPs are dump-sites in our vicinities, electrical installations, chemical stores with Gamalin 20, electronic waste, manufacturing waste, insecticides with expanding population worsening and creating a pool of waste which are later discharged into the lagoon.

We can alter the unfolding dynamics by spreading awareness about this troubling issue and halting this trend of chemical population so we can save our lives and the environment. Lagos island waters pollution is just one among others plague by POPs.