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Arresting Truancy In National Assembly

By on November 24, 2011

Truancy is a way of life for legislators. It seems just the way they lived as if nothing matters. In a nation where the legion of state matters is listless, we cannot afford legislators who stay off proceedings than contributing.

It is frightening also at this juncture to know that we have a legislative house filled with non-attenders who are supposed to be attending to burning national issues. The trouble is that it has persisted and considered now as normal. It is painful that this elite class doesn’t understand the magnitude of troubles and community challenges people have to go through to make a living.

It is irritating to know that the habitual absence of some these absentee legislators have ruined any performances of the the chambers.  It certain mocks our effort at playing global come 2020.

It is for this reason we are in the front banner of promoting legislative responsibility and service. We have looked around and have the best way to go about it. It is: the enforcement of attendance to session which we think is the only sure way to enhance fine debates and swift passage of bills. And this should be linked to their remuneration.

Else, we insist that the job of legislating be part-time base. Part-time based legislating will prevent treasury hemorrhaging and save us good sum. We the people must ensure robust participation of legislators even if it means demonstrating at the national assembly.

















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