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Nigerian Airport: Concession Or Remodeling

By on November 22, 2011

We wonder why the debate for concession or remodeling should hold the transformation of our airports to ransom.  What should give us a food for thought is how we can ensure airport safety,  address the sordid decay of our airports and the unending sweet promises from ministries and the government.

How we deliver our airport from the stranglehold of interests who are bent on promoting mediocrity and other shenanigans is crucial to our national health. It will be sad to bring the past where we have lost some of our best talents on the guise of such debates.

If there is anything urgent to be done, it should be about providing functional navigational aids, meteorological instruments and improved security.

While we demand an urgent repair, we think a brand new terminal will do the nation well. But that reside in the will of the government who has ceaselessly cried about shortfalls in revenues without clearly demonstrating same.

Concession or total privatization is the way forward. The inevitability of providing a vision for the future of our airport now cannot be hidden. We need government at various level with the skill to managing our so-called little finance with maximum public value provided. This is not asking for the impossible.  The success of MMA2 is a point of reference in looking at what the PPP model can deliver especially for MMIA that is said to constitute 70 percent of traffic demand and revenue flow.