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BRT Lost In Decay

By on November 21, 2011

The coming of the BRT was greeted with huge fanfare but that is not the case any longer as what could have been described as one of government’s finest effort has fallen into the worst of times.

Not from declining revenue. Even the ticket salesperson have come up with funny ways to ensure that sales ticket for routes going for NGN120 are now for NGN200 with the excuse of lack of change or utter criminal intent.

Looking at the BRT buses that are plying the Lagos roads today, one could either be angry or unconsciously drop ones head in shame or disgust with the way it has suddenly become.

BRT buses can easily pass for a relic or a death trap these days. it keeps leaping away from its routes as a result of its decaying road infrastructure and worn out routes. A ride is one upheaval and the bumping of buses seem normal.

What doesn’t seem normal is how inefficiency could have crept into these buses with impunity.  These beautiful buses with their seat of comfort have suddenly become drenched in filth, without fans, and have seen rascals taking over the driver’s seat with passengers all endangered species.

It would seem that our sense of beauty could easily be eroded. It would matter nothing that what constitute public delight could be allowed to fall into such ruin. It would seem not to have broken a heart if these buses become like the dangerous ‘molues’.

Something is amiss that this would gone wrong and all we do it to patch it up. If these buses are ageing then they could either be sold or refurbished. The roads need more than the cosmetic touch it has received. It totally needs an overhaul. We have to bring the beauty of BRT; else we could all fall on bad times like it.