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Sim Shagaya- The King of Naija e-Commerce!

By on November 11, 2011

Sim Shagaya is a serial technology and media entrepreneur who has worked for Google, RealNetworks, Microstrategy. He holds degrees from George Washington U, Dartmouth and Harvard. He is the founder of DealDey, a Groupon kind-of group-buying site that offers its members in Lagos discounted deals on several kinds of products and services.

Day by day DealDey sends emails to members/customers about the latest discounts on consumables. When the required amount of customers is attained, members automatically receive a coupon along with details about their purchase’s collection.

With Nigeria’s internet market shaping up, customers are hoping to make the most out of the benefits of online shopping.

With expansion plans gaining speed, we will be having DealDey in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital; it claims to have over 50,000 members since its launch in March and adds about 1,000 people per day. Online shopping is showing great success with Nigerian youths of today.

Keys To Success

Strong logistics infrastructure, as a result has invested in in-house systems with pick-up points where customers can collect their items. Look for angel investors – friends and family. Start lean and watch your expenses carefully. Prioritize your features and roll them out as you get more funds in the form of either revenues or investor capital.