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The Lagos International Trade fair spurs creativity

By on November 10, 2011

THE Lagos International Trade Fair spurs with more creativity as companies in diverse creative ways showcase their products and also attracts people at the exhibition. A new dimension was added at the trade fair, as companies made use of side attractions to source for patronage.

Music and entertainment were used to create awareness and also draw attention by various outfits at the exhibition ground.

Many States participated in the exhibition eg  Kaduna, Ogun, Enugu and Edo states, displaying their cultural heritage and artifacts to the multitude of people gather at the trade fair. Other sectors of the economy were not left out as banks were on ground to provide monetary services to customer, the insurance, hospitality, pharmaceutical and other companies jostle to attract people to their stands.

Also, there was foreign participation from Countries like Canada, Egypt and India etc to educate and counsel Nigerians on the business opportunities their country possessed. They displayed historical fact about their countries. Multinational companies were at their various stands to provide goods and services at a cheaper rate.