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Bluelabs – The Triumph Of Creativity

By on November 9, 2011

Bluelabs is signature of design success. Run by Femi Odewunmi and Chukwuemeka Okechukwu, they hold their success to their ability to leverage on their creative prowess. For a small business started in 2004 owned by three young men under age 35, it is cool celebrating their success in an operating environment noted for its toughness and high risk.

Bluelabs is a Communications Design Agency, with tangible Assets worth NGN7 million and made a turnover of NGN42 million Naira in 2009.

It has been described as young enough to listen and experienced enough to know what works and driven by passion, focus with that unique brand experiences across all platforms: Web, Video, and Print.

Regarding its IP strategy, it makes it clear in their terms and conditions document who owns what in terms of IP Rights. It provides bespoke services to its clients; assigns all their inherent rights in the work to the client and charges the client accordingly. (Detail Solicitors 2010).

Keys to Success

IP edge– Copyright, Creative Design and Software, Youth, rare creativity, clientele synergies, and a drive for excellence in service delivery.