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Corruption: Special Courts To The Rescue

By on November 8, 2011

Corruption remains life-threatening to our collective existence as a nation, as it thrives with impunity and without the appropriate tool/scheme to deal with it headlong. It is with welcome relief and jubilation that we endorse the setup of special court to tackle this monster.

We are not surprise at the collective support it has received from the major political parties. The Conference of Nigerian Political Parties in Kwara State have expressed full support for President Goodluck Jonathan and the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Dahiru Musdapher  on the establishment of  special courts to handle corruption cases.

We have seen that corruption cases have been dogged by delays, all sorts of manipulations and frustration of the judicial process. It is with these recurring and abysmal scenarios that we know we might succeed in our bid to ensure justice is done and seen to be done.

Also, we appreciate the possibility of these special courts’ fast-tracking prosecutions and justice delivery on graft matters. And this has been corroborated by party stalwarts who think that it can sanitize our political class and bolster confidence in the presidency’s decision to battle corruption. While we support that indicted persons should face the law, we plead that it doesn’t go the way of other anti-graft agencies.

Finally, we implore the National Assembly (NASS) to discard its lukewarmness over the Asset Forfeiture and Whistle Blower Bills and pass the bill.  Special Corruption Courts it is noted will arresting the collapse of the anti-graft war and curtail discharge of societal discontent by other ignoble means.