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HiTV – Futbol Excitement Delivered With Entrepreneurial Zeal of Tony Subair

By on November 7, 2011

HiTV Success story.

HiTV came into being when it there was a monopoly but was able to turn the table when it secured the exclusive broadcast rights to show Major worldwide League Football Matches.

This small Nigeria business was born in 2007 and became one of the most admired Multi Channel Digital Satellite TV service driven by Hi-Media Group.  Tony Subair who had worked with his later to be rival was able to pull the deal that give birth to Hi-Media owners of HiTV and other sister firms. One thing that could have come handy was his knowledge about IP and negotiations with the backing of business savvy Adrian Woods and the support of GTBank.

Its success has been owned to IP Strategy. This is has largely contributed to its success by which it leverage the semi exclusive broadcast rights to show Major worldwide League Football Matches especially those of the EPL (Detail Solicitors 2010).

Its major IP rights utilized are copyright and related Commercial Rights and so with that it was able to achieved 250,000 subscribers as at October 2009 while also showing 8 live matches a week while DSTV shows just tow.

Its major challenges reside in piracy which eats at its projected revenue from its content. It is argued that losing the EPL’s right has been a huge setback to this star.

Keys to success

It is the ownership of IP right, sharp negotiation skills, aggressive marketing targeting local viewing centers, deft price moves with focus on the football lovers/subscribers.

  • Lawal.A

    The services of this satelite tv have nose-dived in the last one and a half months. Tell Zubair to sit-up or lose more customers.