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Boko Haram And The Unending Bloodletting

By on November 7, 2011

It is sad again that Boko Haram phenomenon is still ravaging the land with bloodletting the order of the day. This calls for us to find a lasting solution to this turn of event. Boko Haram has taken responsibility for this weekend attacks.

It has staged targeted assassinations and bombings in the region, killing more than 240 people this year alone across Nigeria’s Muslim north, according to a count by The Associated Press.

Also, Associated Press has learnt that Boko Haram could have broken into three factions with a faction as moderate and welcomes an end to the violence, another wants a peace agreement with rewards similar to those offered to a different militant group in 2009 while the last refuses to negotiate and remains the most radical.

With this weekend attack described as the most bold and coordinated ever carried out by Boko Haram; Maiduguri has finally lost her sanity and innocence and has remained troubled as it is the sect’s spiritual home.

Whatever the shape and magnitude and intentions of this attack, it is needless, cruel and un-human in 21st century, it would only serve to continually rob us of the opportunity to make progress and build an equitable society.

Also, we demand that government should take a look at its strategy towards salvaging the situation and check its downplaying of such issues.

Finally, we call on the federal government to review its carrot and stick approach or whatever approach it employs, as the North East reels in violence. We implore that Boko Haram to examine its conscience and find another approach or engagement other than this wanton violence. Let all of us remember we are human beings with parents, siblings and communities we hold in high esteem. Time is now to sheathe the sword and tread the path of peace and dialogue. We condole deeply with the bereaved.