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CHIVITA-Proudly Nigerian brand!

By on November 3, 2011

Chivita has stood firmly in spite of the uncertainties in Nigeria’s marketplace. In the process it has built a formidable brand that is of huge delight to the public. It is a fruit juice brand owned by Chi Limited, which is a medium sized Nigerian company.

It began production in 1990 and it is said to hold these IP rights- Trademark, Industrial Design Rights and Geographical Indications (Detail Commercial Solicitors, 2010).

Also, it currently holds an exclusive franchise granted by WILD Germany for Caprisonne and it is exported to India.

Chivita’s successes could only mean that infrastructure challenges shouldn’t be any excuses but that market players should at the opportunities scatter across the federation.  In country where imported good sort of confer prestige on buyers, Chivita has blaze the trail in matching international quality with such unmatched local bleed.

It argued that it was the first to start the proudly Nigeria campaign with ‘Be Nigerian, Buy Nigeria’. Chivita proudly holds 65 per cent market share of Chi juices combined, and this includes Chivita, Chi Exotic, Chi Happy Hour and Capri Sonne. Chi is the largest producer of Tetra Pak in Africa.

How They Made It

Key to their success lies in her efforts to encourage agriculture in Nigeria: importing tractors to start their our mechanized farming, internal Research and Development (R & D) and brand positioning as a core Nigeria brand and celebrating nativity, Improvement of its Technology, Market Research and Consumer Surveys, Aggressive Marketing Campaigns, Constantly evolving products and packaging.

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    I just found a worm like fungi,in the packet of chivita juice I bought