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Sport: Arsene Wenger rules himself out of England manager’s job

By on October 15, 2011

Arsene Wenger has ruled himself out of managing England, he believes the job must be done by an Englishman.

The odds on Arsenal’s French boss succeeding Fabio Capello after Euro 2012 tumbled to as low as 8-1 with some bookies this week.

Sven Goran Eriksson, who took the nation to three quarter- finals, says he fits the bill.

But Wenger is adamant it is not a job for him and reckons runaway favourite Harry Redknapp has it in the bag.

Wenger said: “For me, the national team needs an English manager and I will never change that opinion for one minute.

“I keep to that exact principle and I think it is important for you as well.

“If a foreign manager wins a European Championship, you will say that it is not completely an English triumph.

“Harry Redknapp is a candidate, he is English, he is ready, he is happy to do it and you have already chosen him.

“So don’t doubt too much what will happen.”

Asked if France would ever have Redknapp as their manager, the Gunners chief laughed.

He added: “Does he know the Marseillaise? Teach him that first.”

Wenger does not rate England among the favourites for Euro 2012, especially now Wayne Rooney is banned for three games.

Yet he still would not bet against them pulling off a shock triumph.