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Ex-governors Arrested over $674 Million Scam

By on October 7, 2011

In what appears to be a manifestation of the Jonathan administration’s tough talk on corruption rhetoric, three Nigerian ex-governors and members of the ruling party, PDP have been accused of embezzling a total of $674 million USD or N 107 Billion ($1: N 159).

Mr. Olugenga Daniel who held sway over the affairs of south-western Ogun state leads the league tables, having been accused of looting $387 million (N 61 Billion) over an 8 year period in office. According to Mr. Femi Babafemi, EFCC spokesman, ex-Governors Alao-Akala  (Oyo) and Aliyu  Akwe Doma  (Nassarawa) each face allegations of embezzling $167 Million (N 26.5 Billion), and $120 Million (N 19 Billion) respectively.

Recent reports indicate that the Nigerian Attorney General, Mr. Bello Adoke (SAN) had ordered the arrest of the former governors after being convinced that the EFCC had sufficient evidence to bring charges against them

All of the states in question currently have governors that are not members of the Nigerian ruling party’s PDP, Nassarawa is governed by a Congress for Progressive Change party member, whilst Oyo and Ogun are governed by members of the Action Congress of Nigeria party.

Celebration in Ogun State

After the news of the arrest of Olugbenga Daniel filtered in to radio stations yesterday, youth were reported to have taken to the streets celebrating and applauding the efforts of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

However a legal expert who spoke on condition of anonymity has advised that “Nigerians should take the news with a pinch of salt”. He stated several instances whereby corrupt individuals are arrested by the EFCC and cases drag on in court indefinitely or cases plea bargained with corrupt officials allowed to keep a significant portion of the loot.

  • Ikechukwu Obialor

    The news of the arrest of the said former government official is good, but the irony of it all is that the EFCC has not been able to convict any government official, right from when it was set up. They do all these to deceive the poor masses the more. Does one need a soothsayer to discover who have embezzled Naija money? Shame…..!

  • David ogunde

    Guys ,what is happening to Bankole’s case?