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Freelance Business & Finance Writer Needed

By on October 3, 2011

If you enjoy writing, are curious about understanding companies, markets and current events, and want to participate in the internet startup experience, this is a dream opportunity.

We’re looking for a few freelance contributors that can help us publish more analyses and articles related to companies or industries of interest. Our articles can range from 100 to 500 words.

This is a great opportunity for a spectrum of individuals that enjoy to write:
    – Financial and business journalists
    – Financials analysts (MBAs, CFAs, CPAs)
    – Graduate students in business, finance or economics
    – Industry specific writers/journalists that understand important trends in big industries (technology, media, telecom, automotive, financials, retail, etc.)

Depending on the specific topic, you may be required to do some independent research (based on publicly available information) for the articles. There is flexibility to assume greater responsibility and more complex assignments based on experience.


This is a regular weekly or monthly part time role with flexibility around the level and frequency of contribution.


A desire to communicate business insights to a wide audience is an important attribute of the ideal candidate. The right candidate will have:
    1. BA/BS, MS, especially candidates with English, journalism, or, logic and reasoning majors may find themselves at an advantage
    2. Strong analytics and fact-checking intrinsics
    3. Ability to tick-and-tie numbers within an article
    4. Excellent written communication skills
    5. A blog, work experience in media publications or other demonstrable passion for writing
    6. An ability to structure and present arguments in support of a position clearly will be a key asset
    7. Curiosity about understanding what drives the value of a company or business
   10. Curiosity about investing, finance and startups
   11. Curiosity about current events and market responses
   12. Interest in Nigeria markets

Location: Working remotely
Compensation: Commensurate with experience
Contact: [email protected]