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BusinessNews Needs a Business News Reporter

By on October 3, 2011

BusinessNews  is seeking a smart, dynamic business reporter to cover Nigeria.  A minimum of three years of daily reporting experience is required. Candidates with business reporting experience are preferred.

Reporter must be able to juggle breaking news stories, news analysis articles, features and in-depth analysis..
Accuracy and the ability to meet daily deadlines are a must, as is the ability to write copy that is clean and focused.

This is a great opportunity for a seasoned reporter who is never short on ideas. The ideal candidate will be eager to take on a leadership role and to assist with editing.

If you meet the above qualifications, please send a cover letter, resume and 3-5 clips to  [email protected] .   Candidates that do not provide all of the requested materials will not be considered.


  • Fluency in English is essential
  • Experience in Business Reporting

The Company

BusinessNews is a premium Nigerian business newspaper, an online edition-( This e-edition is so designed to serve as an educative, informative and entertaining piece with cutting-edge analysis and critique.

As an emerging and of the leading business journalism site on the Web that reaches on average more than 50, 000 people daily, our target is hit a million mark and further drive license editions across continents where Nigerians reside.

BusinessNews is a fast emerging Nigeria-Diaspora brand, desiring to feed the hunger for quality content by upwardly mobile professionals in Nigeria, we are building a strong reputation as reverend and admired educative source for business news while forming partnerships within and across the Atlantic to produce relevant and credible business information.