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What is the president reading now

By on September 29, 2011

The Nigerian mind is rich in the raw material that can help realize the potential of the nation. The Nigerian mind is creative, imaginative and flexible. We have the unique capacity to initiate and innovate with the plus of always thinking on our feet, adapting and improving even in a skewed system. What she needs is leadership at the various levels to take her to the Promised Land. We ask, and what is the president reading now?

Leaders are readers. Today’s knowledge world demands readers with the capacity to grasp novel concepts and strategic approaches/ models to addressing all forms of human challenge. In the knowledge world flexibility pervades the ecosystem and such can only be obtained by a hunger for knowledge, ideas and quality information.

We know the president wants a robust reading culture on the land but what we don’t know now is what the president is reading now. We are not talking of reports but looking for history, great works of literature and other knowledge materials which these days have been collapsed into digestible forms and formats.

The time has come for the nation to move away from technology consumption to production. We know technology is built on maths, science, engineering and literature with bright young minds who dire need his leadership to provide them programs and resources to become innovators, entrepreneurs and inventors.

Also, Nicolas Sarkozy, the French premier is on a huge meal of books bordering on culture. He has been devouring great works of literature and watching films. We ask again, what is the president reading now? There cannot be any boost to our reading culture without the nation knowing what the president is reading now.

The age of beer parlour management and politics of sharing national recourses is over. We have to begin to build links between enterprises, education and research. We need a pro-business government connected by dynamic information infrastructure and also a nation where everything works together. With our innate knowledge and flexibility, we can be the place of great innovations and inventions.