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Fuel Price Hike: Endangering An Already Jeopardized Masses

By on September 21, 2011

The news about the proposed hike in fuel price still continues to ring as untrue to our ears. Incessant fuel price hike has certainly pointed to a lack of creativity in addressing this challenge. It is certainly going to badly pinch the masses that have seen and are troubled by a near total collapse of infrastructure.

With an already shrinking middle class plus growing insecurity, we are going to see more troubles and system earthquakes when the strike begins. The propose hike will burdened the pocket of the common man and most likely wipe out disposal income for the masses. Fuel hike seems to be a double jeopardy, given that not only the poorest but also the middle class families are curtailing their basic needs due to sky-rocketing commodity prices. Importantly too, it is common to see government hikes in fuel price meet with arbitrarily transport fare increase.

Succinctly, every increase has always been that the masses have to passing through more difficult time due to the reckless rise in the prices of essential commodities and as a result of our poorly regulated market system. It has been more punishment for the poor consumers who are already burdened beyond their capacity.

Disheartening also, the government increased in fuel price and planned subsidy removal without putting a robust transport infrastructure has meant severe sufferings for the masses.

Finally, we advocate the government put together a robust network of rail transportation system across the federation and the cost of household essentials will drop significantly. This must be done now while the fuel hike must be put on hold.

  • Grace4life

    Is it because of the minimum wage that the government wants to hike fuel prices why on earth could any sensible person think of such a wicked act  Does the person not have the fear of God in him or her,

    • Chris

      No one in Abuja parliament has the fear of God. One begins to wonder who are the budget morons that advice the President. While NNPC perennialy loot and perform abracadabra accounting in funds transfer to the national treasury, the masses are being asked to suffer some more. Its time to hand  or rather outsource the funtions of NNPC since it cannot account for the whereabout of $450 million. The fact is many of those crooks from the director ought to be jailed  and imprisoned. In China they would all be six feet below, let alone being unable to accoun for what happened to treasury proceeds.
      This crappola started and was perfected during OBJ admin. Time to execute a few heads at NNPC that will correct the accounting records balance the books and clear the road for timely remmittances to the treasury.

  • Lesor job

    How can the government justify increasing petroleum product price when Nigerians generate their own power. I think if this government is sincere it should take loan to finance the power sector after which subsidy can now be removed. After all nobody has been held accountable for the billions of dollars the obasanjo administration purportedly spent on reforming the power sector.