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Mutual Benefits partners Portland Paints on insurance of assets

By on September 19, 2011

Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc and Portland Paints & Products Nigeria Plc has gone into strategic partnership to develop innovative products for the benefits of customers.

Through this alliance, for instance, they have launched “Portland-Mutual Extra”, which states that with a minimal purchase of Sandtex Paints, the customer gets free insurance policy cover for his assets and buildings against burglary, housebreaking and fire.

The Managing Director, Mutual General, Mr. Olusegun Omosehin, said owners of buildings “who buy Sandtex Paints worth (N300,000 minimum) is automatically entitled to free fire insurance to a limit of N4 million and N1 million for burglary”.

The product also offers multiple compensation in line with level of patronage that is, tenants and landlords whose purchases are worth N60,000.00 and N600,000.00 respectively are entitled to double the basic benefits and in subsequent multiples depending on the total amount of purchase.

Also, tenants who “buys Sandtex Paints worth N30,000 (minimum) to paint his/her apartment gets free and burglary ‘house breaking insurance for the content in the apartment up to a limit of N1 million”.

Giving the reason why Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc went into this partnership with Portland Group, Mr. Omosehin noted that it was because of Mutual’s determination to become the market leader in the Insurance services sector through the development of innovation products to support identified sectors and specific industry segments.

“Portland Paints and Products Nigeria Plc, a leader in its sector, gave us all that we ever required in any partnership-excellent ideas, cooperation, support, understanding, quality and above all, the Portland Brand,” he added.