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Procter and Gamble Launches Oral-B Pro-Health Toothpaste in Nigeria

By on July 18, 2011

The manufacturing company Procter and Gamble introduced Oral-B Pro-Health toothpaste in Nigeria. The product was launched after a 15 years research, which assured it beneficial to users.

The Managing Director, Procter and Gamble, Nigeria, Mr. Manoj Kumar revealed that the toothpaste was developed keeping in mind the demand for overall protection of the teeth, in order to replace the fresh breath assuring toothpaste available in the market.

As per Mr. Kumar, “Oral-B Pro-Health contains an anti-bacterial fluoride technology based on Stannous complex, a new compound which is clinically proven to prevent tooth sensitivity, provide protection from tooth holes, limit bacterial build up, prevent tartar build up and reduce gum problems. In addition, the product whitens teeth and freshens breath”.

Mr. Kumar was quiet positive with the launch of the product and was confident that the consumers will like the toothpaste. With the change in the time, the demand of the customers have also undergone a change .These days the customers were looking for toothpaste that provided cleaning of the teeth of the dentist level along with the whitening effect.

As per a source, two types of Oral mouthwash had been sealed to be sold in the markets of Singapore and other countries because the products were found to be impure consisting of Burkholderia anthina bacteria, which was unfit for healthy people.