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Japan okays N4b for Jebba Hydro Power Station repairs

By on April 12, 2011

The Japanese government has approved N4billion for the emergency repair and rehabilitation of the Jebba Hydro Power Station.

This is to promote the efforts of the Federal Government to enhance power-generating capacity in the country.

The deal was signed yesterday by the Ambassador of Japan to Nigeria, Mr Toshitsugu Uesawa and the Minister of State for Power, Nuhu Wya.

Uesewa, while stressing the significance of the project, noted that by recovering stable generation of electricity from hydro power, it would help improve energy efficiency in Nigeria and also mitigate the effects of global warming by reducing emission of greenhouse gases.

The Japanese Ambassador added that the project will enhance the power generating in the country.

He noted that since Nigeria’s independence in 1960, the Japanese government has extended some contributions amounting to over N600billion to the socio-economic development of the country, adding that despite the earthquake that happened in Japan, its commitment to join in the struggle for the development of Nigeria is unshakable.

Uesewa said: “The government of Japan has decided to extend the contribution of approximately $24million for the emergency repair for one of the generator units of Jebba Hydro Power Station. I believe that this project is significant in two ways. First of all, this is an eco-friendly project. By recovering stable generation of electricity by water-power rather than fossil fuel, which is used for diesel generators and coal-fired power plants, it could improve not only energy efficiency in Nigeria, but also mitigate effects of global warming by reducing emission of greenhouse gas”.

He added: “In the process of furthering sustainable development and poverty reduction, developing countries must also aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities”.

The ambassador also said: “Japan and Nigeria would further co-operate with each other in achieving an international agreement to establish a fair and effective framework beyond 2012 in which all major economies participate in a responsible manner, and the government of Japan is ready to provide further assistance to Nigeria in this matter.

“The other more obvious importance of this project is that it will enhance the power generating capacity of Nigeria which has been the national priority of this country. The unavailability of reliable electric power to the homes and businesses of the Nigerian citizen is becoming a barrier to national economic growth. Facing this situation, the government Japan has placed the power shortage issue as one of the priority target of assistance with the view that power is the accelerator of development and In spite of the catastrophic earthquake that happened in Japan, our commitment to join you in your struggle for the development is unshakeable,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of the Federal Government, The Minister of State for Power, Mr Wya commended the Japan for the assistance and appealed to it to encourage private companies to invest in the power sector.

Wya noted that the power road map of President Goodluck Jonathan is hinged on private sector investment and that whatever private companies invest in the power sector would be recovered, adding that Nigerians are paying so much already on self-generation of electricity and will be ready to pay cost reflective tariff.

On epileptic power supply in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the minister announced that the government would install a transformer in Katampe to improve power supply in Abuja and its environs.

FCT generates 200 megawatts. But with the installation of the transformer, power generation would increase to 300 megawatts.

source : The Nation