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Terragon set to explore African market

By on March 26, 2011

Terragon Limited, a new media and content aggregation firm, has  restated its determination to establish a strong presence in African countries. Briefing the media on the activities of the company in three African countries, where it currently operates, its Managing Director, Mr. Elo Umeh, stated that the company had established a strong hold in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya, and it intends to expand beyond those places in the nearest future.

“As a company, Terragon has successfully been able to integrate its new media and content aggregation knowledge into a package, which we are sure will add significant value to brands and also increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and offer higher returns on investments to advertisers,” he stated.

Umeh noted that, as the first company in sub-Saharan Africa to partner directly with Facebook on premium advertising options, Terragon was leveraging on this strong relationship to develop  interactive ways for advertisers to communicate with members of their target markets who undoubtedly spend a lot of time on the social media platform.

He also stated that “the company offers the option of creating custom applications, customised to meet the individual needs of the advertiser. These applications can be tailored to appeal to the emotional, religious and cultural psyche of the target audience, significantly increasing brand affinity and ensuring top-of-the-mind awareness of the product or service.

He explained that it would be easy for the firm to grow brands easily in Africa through the new media, since it already established relationships with mobile operators across the continent.

“With these operators providing mobile access to over 60 million Nigerians, strong synergies like the ones Terragon has developed with them are invaluable to corporate entities that intend to communicate directly with mobile subscribers.”

Source : Tribune