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FAO predicts rise in global wheat production

By on March 26, 2011

Food and Agriculture Organisation(FAO)’s first forecast for world wheat production for the year stands at 676 million tonnes, representing a growth of 3.4 per cent from 2010, the March 2011 edition of the Crop Prospects and Food Situation report said .

This level would still be below the bumper harvests in 2008 and 2009.

Wheat plantings in many countries have increased or are expected to increase this year in response to strong prices, while yield recoveries are forecast in areas that were affected by drought in 2010, the Russian Federation in particular, the report specified.

As the bulk of the world’s coarse grains and paddy crops are yet to be planted, it is, however, too early to forecast total cereal production for this year.

Looking back to last year’s production, the FAO report notes that in the low-income food-deficit countries (LIFDCs) as a group, the 2010 cereal output rose by 5.6 per cent , a development that will result in reduced cereal imports in the 2010/11marketing years.

Source : The Nation