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Kaduna signs MoU for $2.4bn bio-fuel factory

By on September 28, 2017

A firm, Bionas, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Kaduna State Government for the construction of a biofuel factory estimated at $2.4 billion.

Group Chief Executive Officer of the firm Mrs. Zurina Amnan said a waste to wealth factory estimated to cost $137 million would also be built in Zaria.

Amnan said Bionas would also construct five blocks of 10,000 hectares in cultivating jathropa plant in five different locations to produce the biomass and biofuel as well as invest in waste to energy plant where 1,000 pounds of garbage daily would be processed to produce 258mw of electricity to serve 96,000 houses without waste or pollution.

The CEO said the duration of the two projects is between 18 months and two years using the latest technology.

She said, “The MOU is a deal to implement five blocks of jathropa farm involving 50,000 hectares in five locations worth $2.4 billion to provide employment for 38,750 people. We will build 15,635 fully furnished houses for these people with hospitals, schools, roads and other infrastructures.
It will become a new town. After implementing the Kaduna project, we hope we can extend it to all states in Nigeria. We hope Kaduna will be the new green city in Nigeria and biomass headquarters.”

Governor Nasir el-Rufai who signed the MOU on behalf of the Kaduna State Government, commended the firm for hastening up the process for the signing of the MoU coupled with the financial and technical capacity brought to implement the project.

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