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Coscharis Motors gets Jaguar/Land Rover recognition

By on May 27, 2015

Jaguar Land Rover sub-Sahara Africa has given recognition to Coscharis Motors as the company’s importer of the year at an award night held in Mauritius.

The Managing Director of the JLR SA and SSA, Mr. Richard Gouverneur, said the objective of the award was to recognise the excellent work being done by the Jaguar Land Rover sub-Sahara Africa partners to drive sales in the African markets.

It said in the statement obtained on Tuesday that Coscharis Motors was recognised for its world-class representation of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands, and was presented with the prestigious ‘Importer of the Year’ award for Jaguar.

“This award epitomises the company’s excellent service in growing the Jaguar brand through relentless sales and quality customer service.

“Other awards won included the Sales Achievement Award for Land Rover; individual achievements for Excellence Learner of the Year (by Tanimowo Sunday); the Sales Recognition Award (by Odesa Henry) and a prize as the Technician of the Year — 1st Runner Up (by Agana Timothy),” it stated.

It quoted the President/Chief Executive Officer of Coscharis Motors, Cosmas Maduka, as dedicating all the awards won by the company to the committed service of the Coscharis JLR team.

He said, “This achievement is feasible given the team’s commitment to selfless sales, brand management and service deliveries ensuring that customers get value for their money. Aside from the team’s dedication to value delivery, I also want to greatly appreciate and dedicate the awards to our ever loyal customers who have ultimately made this honour from our partners possible.”

The firm said in the statement that the awards took into consideration the dealers’ combined scores in a number of areas including sales volume, brand management as well as sales of parts and accessories for the Jaguar and Land Rover models.

“Dealer satisfaction ratings also played a role, with consumer feedback on service levels being used as a scoring mechanism,” it stated.