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5 Lifehacks for successful job interview

By on May 12, 2015

IimageLooking for a job you may find that virtually all HR staff to be hostile to you, and do not want someone to take the vacant post. Confirmation of this – it’s their skeptical views, hundreds of questions, many tests. And It ends catchphrase: “We’ll call you back.” One gets the impression that the candidate is already there, and the interview – it’s just a farce.

Business people do not want to waste time in vain. They are ready to do their job, if the organization doesn’t really need a new employee. Of course, there are exceptions. Some employers expect that the candidate agrees to work for reduced pay or will give part of their salary at first supervisor.

However, such illegal actions are not so much, but because the cause of constant failure to find himself. Rather, you should adhere to the basic rules of interviewing that will really get the desired job.

Lifehack 1. Show that you are a qualified technician

Prepare documents on education, training, reviews from previous jobs. Include this information in a well-written resume. We should not denote false information. For example, if you do not know the English language, the marks of his knowledge not expand your capabilities, but only present you as a person who loves to embellish and deceive.

Lifehack 2. Think about the style of clothes
It is worth to remember about business etiquette. If you are satisfied with a solid office, you should wear a suit, but to work in a democratic organization is better to choose a more democratic order. In this case, note that clothes should not be too bright. Do not try to wear school suit, because it was you happy, or wear too short skirt. Try to dress discreetly to please the leadership at a glance. Pay special attention to the shoes – it should be clean and comfortable. And please refrain from too expensive clothes that can work against you, because management does not like it if someone looks better than him.

Lifehack 3. Do not overdo it with the perfume and cosmetics
This applies to both women and men. In Business etiquette moderate use of cosmetics and perfumes welcome, but do not need to turn the interview into a meeting or consultation perfumers stylists. Be natural.

Lifehack 4. Do not be nervous.

Think about the fact that even if you do not get the job, it is not scary – you can simply continue the search. In this case, note that in the state nervosa you can not correctly answer the questions posed, can not behave appropriately. As strangers you do not know, and then they can decide that you will always behave. So it is necessary to have patience and confidence, and 50% of success you have already guaranteed. And the other 50% depends on your knowledge and skills.

Lifehack 5. On the eve of the interview a good sleep

It is not necessary to try to drown out thoughts about the day using alcohol or walk from one corner waiting for dawn, when it’s time to get ready. It is better to take a relaxing bath and a good night’s sleep. This will allow during the interview favorable impression.
It remains to smile at her reflection in the mirror in the morning and in a good mood to go to the target. But Look here and do not replay. Remember that everything should be in moderation.

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