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MTN customers to enjoy bonus airtime

By on October 8, 2014

MTN Nigeria on Monday said it was offering more value to its teeming subscribers who use the MTN Virtual Top Up service.

The telecoms company said it was giving up to 100 per cent bonus on ‘True Talk’ and ‘Smooth Talk Plus’ after every recharge.

MTN VTU is a convenient service that enables customers to remotely top up airtime on their mobile phones from any part of the world and enjoy multiple services.

The bonus rewards customers with 100 per cent airtime immediately the main account is credited with the MTN VTU 100 per cent bonus recharge platform. Subscribers can then enjoy voice calls, SMS and data activities on lower charges on the bonus airtime while the regular tariff still applies for calls made from the main account.

MTN’s Sales and Distribution’s Executive, Omatsola Barrow, said, “Giving 100 per cent bonus on every VTU recharge is a way of appreciating our customers for making use of the service, while giving them even more value for money. With the additional bonus airtime, subscribers can make more calls, send SMS and do more data activities at no additional cost to them.”

He said subscribers must however exhaust the airtime in the main account before enjoying the benefits of the bonus account.

According to him, they will also be unable to perform ‘Share N Sell’ (Share N Sell is a service that enables a customer dispense airtime credit on his phone to five other beneficiaries of his choice) on both the main and bonus accounts.

“We have pledged to continue to enrich the lives of our subscribers by providing them with a robust bouquet of innovative products and services, which is why we are rewarding our customers with 100 per cent bonus of the face value of every VTU recharge within the stipulated hours. We will continue to seek new ways of adding value to the lives of our customers,” said MTN’s Corporate Services Executive, Akinwale Goodluck.

The MTN VTU Plus is available to both prepaid and post-paid customers.