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Transporters want police, FRSC to harmonise motor registration

By on September 30, 2013

Transporters have called on the federal and state governments to harmonise and streamline the on-going issuance of vehicle number plates with the proposed introduction of Biometric Motor Registration.

The transporters under the aegis of the Association of Luxury Bus Owners of Nigeria said the government, through the Joint Tax Board and the FRSC should streamline their activities with that of the Nigeria Police Force.

A statement signed by the ALBON President, Mr. Dan Okemuo, on Friday, noted that the appeal was based on the fact that the new vehicle number plates currently issued by the FRSC in conjunctions with the various state governments has similar security features with the BMCR vehicle registration being proposed by the Nigeria Police.

It said that owing to that, it amounted to double jeopardy to subject motorists to two similar exercises from two federal agencies (FRSC and the Police).

It said, “The official cost of procuring the new vehicle number plate currently in issue by the FRSC in conjunction with the various state governments is N15,000; while the official cost of obtaining the BMCR registration being proposed by the police is N3,500. When the two figures are added up, the cost of registering just one vehicle will be too high and out of reach for an average motorist in Nigeria.

“As such, it makes no economic sense to subject motorists to pay double price for two similar exercises that could well be harmonised and co-ordinated not only for better vehicle administration and security enhancement, but for better cost efficiency.

The statement added that the strongest argument for introducing the new vehicle number plate and the proposed BCMR by the FRSC and the police was that it would enhance national security, especially in the face of numerous security challenges confronting our country.

“Accordingly, if both exercises are designed to enhance national security and better vehicle administration in the country, nothing stops the two federal government agencies from harmonising their efforts and sharing data collected and stored by one of them, instead of subjecting motorists to agonising period of having to register the same vehicle from two agencies,” the statement added.

The association appealed that pending such harmonisation, the Federal Government should  suspend the current issuance of new vehicle number plate and the proposed BMCR registration of all vehicles in Nigeria by the Nigeria Police in the overall interest of national security and all motorists in Nigeria.